What is the MACI Project?

MACI is a collaborative project of the Universities of Alberta, Calgary, Lethbridge and Manitoba to provide high performance capabilities in computing. Its goal is to establish and maintain a regional advanced communication and computation infrastructure for the private sector, university and government researchers.

MACI currently provides member researchers with access to advanced computing, high-speed networking and multimedia resources that are at the emerging edge of contemporary technology. Membership criteria varies among MACI member institutions. Currently, at the University of Alberta, researcher members pay an annual fee for access to resources. At the University of Calgary, the faculties pay an overarching annual fee and all individual researchers have access. At the Universities of Lethbridge and Manitoba, there is no member fee at present.

Ongoing efforts to strengthen and broaden the resource base are aimed at achieving an advanced computing infrastructure that supports the highest quality research in science, engineering and the arts.

History of the MACI Project

Strengths of MACI

Innovative Research

Participants and Sponsors