MACI Governance

MACI is a collaborative project, providing resources for researchers which are funded by and managed by researchers. Member researchers and departments contribute financially to the project to maintain and add to the pool of resources, which includes high performance computers, multimedia and visualization facilities, and technical support.

The highest body in the MACI management structure, overseeing the project as a whole,  is the Governing Council which is comprised of the Vice-Presidents of Research and the Executive Committees from the participating universities. Sub-committees of the Executive Committees are in turn responsible for operation and maintenance of resources in the areas of high performance computing and multimedia/visualization. This structure ensures that MACI is driven by researcher member interests.

The links below provide lists of the members of the various MACI governing bodies.

Co-Principal Investigators

Resource Allocation Committee

Executive Committees

High Performance Computing Sub-Committees

Multimedia/Visualization Sub-Committees